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Queer Psychedelic Society
Board of Directors


Becca, she/they

Co-founder / Managing Member

Becca is a queer person in recovery from alcohol and IV-heroin use, and a certified addiction counselor with over 10 years of clinical experience. Becca is also a certified psycho-spiritual integration coach with a 7-year ongoing intentional relationship with sacred plant and fungi medicines, and uses a harm reduction approach in their work with folks across the broad spectrum of recovery. Becca sees community, close relationship to Earth, and self-love as vital components to healing as a queer person in today's system. Becca started QPS alongside Nykky due to seeing a need for safe, celebratory, and educational spaces in the broader psychedelic community for LGBTQIA+ to grow, heal and thrive. Becca is also a mom to 2 amazing humans, one of whom also identifies as queer! For more about Becca's work, visit their website here.

Dr. Mikey Martinez, they/them

Board Member

Dr. Mikey earned their Doctor of Clinical Psychology degree with a focus on Community Psychology at the University of La Verne. Dr. Mikey has dedicated their academic and professional career to work at the intersection of underrepresented populations but with a focus on the LGBTQIA2S* population. The foundation of their clinical work views people in their environmental context and understands how the environment impacts mental health. Dr. Mikey utilizes somatic based therapy, grounded in compassion, to invite people to re-discover their inner wisdom and  to reconnect with themselves as an act of healing and as an act of rebellion against a society that encourages disconnection.

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Ladybug, she/they

Board Member

Ladybug is a member of the queer, polyamorous, and kink communities. Ladybug's super power is cultivating safe and accepting spaces for all identities to dive deeply into their process of self-exploration and healing. Ladybug works as a psychedelic educator, integration specialist, and psychedelic facilitator for groups, individuals, and communities. In their free time, Ladybug can be found hiking/camping, practicing shibari, learning new crochet stitches, or building out their van.

Preston, they/them

Board Member

Preston is a sacred sexual alchemist and small business owner. They are a 2Spirit trans, mixed race person who is passionate about bridging the gap of access to medicine and communal ancestral practices. They facilitate workshops and community medicine ceremonies. Preston’s mission centers and uplifts experiences of Trans/Queer+ BIPOC folks and supports individuals in accessing a pleasure-filled life. They do community activism work centered in queer sexual liberation, land justice, sex worker rights, QT reproductive justice, and decriminalization. They pray for all beings to live a life of pleasure and step into a space of sexual liberation.


Fakih, he/she/they

Board Member

Fakih is a Black Queer man inspired by light and love. Fakih is from a small town in the South and has lived in Los Angeles for most of his life, since the late 90’s. He has worked in the hospitality industry for over 20 years–most recently in high-end restaurants and assisting celebrity clients and chefs.


During the pandemic, Fakih volunteered with 12 Months of Giving and was inspired to go forth on his own feeding the unhoused in his neighborhood; Fakih continues to do so regularly.


He has attended marches and rallies for transgender rights and queer advocacy, and has attended and hopes to lead ceremonies for self-discovery and healing. Fakih has been sober from hard substances for over a decade and quit drinking alcohol in September of 2022. Fakih is active in his recovery from substance abuse. “What better way to heal, than to heal with others?”

If you have interest in joining the Board of Directors, or simply becoming a volunteer, please fill out this form. We look forward to getting to know you!

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